E-commerce Development

At CODEFINITY, we’ll make sure that we provide supreme quality, cutting-edge and cost-effective e-commerce website solutions for all our clients around the world. Executing practical approaches to understand each market’s strengths, weaknesses and everything else in between, we strive to provide the most resourceful web solutions henceforth. While our core delegation is to lead each client’s business towards the right path and fulfil their goals, we dedicate ourselves to offering e-commerce solutions that aren’t just productive, but powerful too. 

What is an e-commerce website?

If you wish to promote and sell your products and/or services over the internet, then you need an e-commerce website, which is basically an online shopping cart website. Here, you can integrate a secure payment gateway that your customers can use to order and complete transactions. To have a look at all the different details that an e-commerce shopping cart website contains, please scroll down to know more. 

Highlights of our e-commerce shopping cart websites

From CODEFINITY, our complete e-commerce shopping cart web solution will include a fully functioning shopping cart website, a payment gateway to facilitate merchants and comprehensive website marketing knowledge – all for just small premium. Here onwards, we’ll also be taking good care of all aspects that pertain to your web order processing and other e-commerce needs, so that you can focus on other important operations of your core business. 

Choose a top-caliber e-commerce partner choose CODEFINITY

e-commerce like most forms of B2C marketing should focus on attracting and engaging customers through a highly strategic marketing process to create awareness and interest, through consideration and ultimately to purchase. e-commerce demands technical expertise, marketing expertise and strategic planning capabilities. CODEFINITY as a IT solutions company, is fully equipped with diverse professionals who not only provide e-commerce websites, but offers total online revenue generation solutions and consultancy ensuring highly successful e-commerce portals. CODEFINITY engages in e-commerce web design for businesses ranging from SMEs to Corporations world wide. 

Ready-made e-commerce Solutions

CODEFINITY helps businesses tap into the immense potential of e-commerce by offering ready-made e-commerce solutions. Our ready-made e-commerce solutions come in three packages which offer a significant cost advantage. Flexible with a set of on-demand features, these solutions are highly affordable and useful to the SMEs.

With the latest trends of e-commerce at our fingertips, we make sure our solutions are up to the international standards. Whether yours is a single-product business or a multi-product store with multiple shipping options, our ready made e-commerce solutions lay out the options before you. They simplify the process so you can start using your e-commerce website very soon.

Custom e-commerce Solutions

CODEFINITY has a wealth of experience in design, development, implementation, hosting and maintenance of custom e-commerce systems. Our proven methodologies and years of rich experience allow us to develop solutions that are technologically advanced and will help you sell more! Our business analysts and consultants can help you create a custom e-commerce solution that will produce the maximum business impact in the shortest amount of time, without losing sight of your strategic goals. We bring a unique combination of technical depth and business knowledge to all of our client engagements. We truly partner with our clients to understand their needs, and then rapidly implement dependable software solutions that deliver measurable business results.

White labelled e-commerce Solutions 

At CODEFINITY, we help you establish an additional revenue stream for you and give your customers a sound e-commerce technology that can fulfill their most important requirements white label website requirements. They're specifically designed for situations where you need a proven e-commerce solution but do not want to get involved in pricey software development project or direct your customer to another service provider. It's fully branded to reflect your corporate identity and can be further customized to meet the requirements of your customers. We assure you that it'll be completely white-labelled and will allow you to offer value-added services to your customers.

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