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Laravel is one of the fastest growing open source PHP frameworks at the moment, letting us set up both simple sites as well as complex applications. Benefit from out-of-the-box security, a continual release schedule, and strong authentication. It’s no wonder Laravel is the most popular on GitHub, with the fastest growing community of any open-source PHP framework.

We’re the leading SriLankan Laravel development agency. Our dedicated Laravel development team is capable of building complex website portals and bespoke applications, all powered by API integrations.
Operating under Agile and Scrum PM methodologies, we guide you through the definition of technical requirements. This ensures new applications are built iteratively (as an MVP) while remaining secure and scalable. Combined with our accredited UX process, we will priorities user needs for maximum engagement.

How we help?

Laravel CRM integration

Whether you need a CRM or ERP system integration, we’re here to help. Our Laravel CRM integration services are bolstered by vast experience in the field.

We have delivered projects that synchronize users and push opportunities to Salesforce or MS Dynamics. We’ve also written migration scripts to and from HubSpot, and integrated Laravel with payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe and Worldpay.

Laravel application development

We can build complex portals as it is incredibly flexible; it has a seamless integration with services like Stripe (payments), Algolia (search), automated deployment tools and more. With Laravel, we can scale easily with your business.

Nova facilitates rapid Laravel application development with fast prototyping – we can configure interactive components with complex admin panels in hours. Using Vue.js, we produce front-end experiences that are adapt to mobile devices.

Laravel maintenance and support

After we build your new application within strong test automation, ongoing Laravel maintenance and support is simple. We support clients with agile delivery to seamlessly bring you new features to existing applications. 

When it comes to refactoring your code, our consultants can guide you through the upgrade. We also include software patching, Laravel version upgrades, and code optimization to help you avoid accumulating technical debt.

Laravel application cloud hosting

We will provide a wide range of options, from auto-scaling PaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure, to fully redundant, load-balanced global deployments across multiple regions.

Additionally, we optimize the continuous integration delivery pipeline for all of our clients’ applications. This is part of our DevOps services and ongoing commitment to security, for which we are ISO 27001 accredited.

Why do CODEFINITY love Laravel so much? 

Let me list a few points:

  • New technological solutions and a significant number of out-of-the-box features introduced on a regular basis.
  • Active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers.
  • — the best video tutorials out there. Shoutout to Jeffrey Way, the author; he’s amazing!
  • Fantastic documentation.
  • Laravel is a high-quality framework. Learning how to use it helps you become a better PHP programmer in general.
  • It keeps the developer happy. And, as we all know, happy developers lead to better products :).

Our most recent projects have been built using Laravel framework. It has allowed us to increase our productivity and produce more manageable code. More importantly, it has allowed us to deliver an end result that the team and the client are truly happy with.

So, the conclusion?
Use Laravel for your next project!
Get in touch with us today and let’s collaborate to bring your ideas into reality.

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