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Vue.js is our front-end framework of choice at CODEFINITY. We use it to render UIs & dynamic data in your browser. It's comparable to React & Angular, but has a larger foot in the door in Laravel projects. It powers to build single page applications to large scale front-end websites and web applications.
If you need scalability and intuitive functionality for your digital products, you need Vue.JS. Our Vue developers have created single page applications, robust Software as a Service solutions and Native Script mobile apps using Vue.js.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a user interface or build a sophisticated JavaScript-based application, we’ve got you covered.

Vue.JS development services
Vue.JS is a lightweight, maintainable, and testable JavaScript frontend framework that reduces development time and empowers your brand with greater interactivity.
The progressive frontend framework can be used to power individual components of your application. This offers a richer and more interactive experience. We can use Vue’s core libraries and ecosystems to scale.

Single-Page Applications
Vue.js is a flexible and robust framework, capable of powering a complex single-page application. We typically combine it with a Laravel-based API.

Widgets & Components
Vue.js integrates well with existing projects. We can incrementally enhance your frontend with Vue-based components that are reusable and extensible.

Code Audits
Rely on our Vue.js expertise to help you improve your existing codebase. We’ll analyze your code and suggest strategies for getting the most out of your app.

Vue maintenance and support
Once your new Vue app or website has been deployed, we’ll continue to work with you to maintain and support the Vue components . When you want to make incremental changes to the product, we will be there to implement those new features on your behalf. As well as the chance to introduce new features, we also offer Vue.js optimisation services and improve performance.

Why do CODEFINITY love Vue.js so much?

Let me list a few points:

  • New technological solutions and a significant number of out-of-the-box features introduced on a regular basis.
  • Active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers.
  • — the best video tutorials out there. Shoutout to Jeffrey Way, the author; he’s amazing!
  • Fantastic documentation.
  • Vue.js is a high-quality framework. Learning how to use it helps you become a better Frontend Developer in general.
  • It keeps the developer happy. And, as we all know, happy developers lead to better products :).

Our most recent projects have been built using Vue.js framework. It has allowed us to increase our productivity and produce more manageable code. More importantly, it has allowed us to deliver an end result that the team and the client are truly happy with.

So, the conclusion?
Use Vue.js for your next project!
Get in touch with us today and let’s collaborate to bring your ideas into reality.

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